Grocery Inventory List


Free Grocery Inventory List

Sick and tired of buying everything at the store just to forget a few items? Are you tired of running out of things you need most? The grocery inventory list will make sure that doesn’t happen again. This helpful template lists the most common grocery items along with categories for easy organizing.

Families on a budget can keep up with current prices as a guideline to search for the best bargains around. It will open your eyes as to how unhealthy you’re eating and encourage you to make better food choices. It will also reduce impulse shopping and buying useless items. This template is a must-have file to add to your shopping list.

Approaching the Grocery Inventory List

The template is an easy-to-use option for personal use. To get the most out of the grocery inventory list, tailor it to what you purchase and how you budget. Observe your pantry, refrigerator and other places that Change, delete and/or add categories, shopping items, and the date. Customize it to your liking. Consider allergies, household items and store/generic brands in the template. Set the printer to print a smaller size for easy storage in the purse/wallet or keep it the default size. Download this template for free right on this page.

Tips for Using the Grocery Inventory List

  • Print out blank templates and stick it on the refrigerator. If something is about to run out you will be able to immediately write it down, place a check mark or list the items you need and how many in an accessible place.
  • Edit the grocery inventory list and save it under a different name. Do this every time you start a new grocery list. At the end of the week or month open up the lists and compare shopping and spending habits. Budgeters will enjoy that tip because it will help them stay on track. You will enjoy this because you can find discounts, coupons and circulars.
  • Consider holiday purchases and celebrations. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Easter, anniversaries, graduations and birthdays are examples of holidays and celebrations where people go out of their way to cook big meals. This leads to overspending, and overspending hurts the wallet.

Download: Grocery Inventory List