Grocery Checklist


Free Grocery Checklist

Grocery shopping can often turn into an unorganized, confusing mess with multiple backtracks across the store for forgotten items. Even with a shopping list it can be difficult to organize every item properly. Thankfully, a new template called Grocery Checklist may be exactly what you need!

With a place for food type, individual items, brands, amount desired, and a place to check whether the item has been placed in the cart, this grocery checklist template will make grocery shopping faster, simpler, and may be able to save money.

Using the Grocery Checklist Template

The Grocery Checklist template is available for free on this page. It may be downloaded for personal use, or shared with a friend. The grocery checklist template is may be fully customized, so do not hesitate to alter it based on personal preferences. To use the grocery checklist template, open it in Microsoft Excel and save the file before making any alterations.

Once the original is saved, the next time you save select Save As and save the alterations under a different name so that the original can be referred to in the future. If desired, enter a field by double-clicking and change the contents as needed. When satisfied with each field, print the document and head to the grocery store to do some shopping.

If unsatisfied with the fields currently in the template, it is possible to completely alter the template. Here are a few suggestions for personalizing Grocery Checklist:

  • First, establish a scheme for sorting groceries. Instead of produce it may be easier to separate vegetables and fruit. Separating organic foods from others may also be helpful.
  • Place categories congruently to the layout of the grocery store. Stores are laid out differently, and it will not help if the categories are not in line with the route taken through the store. Otherwise, you may backtrack.
  • Determine whether you will travel to multiple stores. If traveling to multiple stores, make sure that groceries needed from the second store are marked or separated so that identifying them is easy. Consider placing a star next to them, or making the second store its own category.
  • If desired, research beforehand which brands are cheaper or on sale. Mark desired brands on the template. It will save money!

The grocery checklist is an excellent means to help categorize, streamline, and organize grocery shopping to be as efficient as possible.

Download: Grocery Checklist