Graduation Announcement Template


Screenshot of the Graduation Announcement Template

The prices for a graduation announcement template can be alarming. That’s why it’s better to make it yourself or to download one from the Internet. You don’t even have to be a photo editing expert to get your own template. You would want to download the template since it’s a cheaper alternative of announcing your loved one’s proudest moment. There are many bonuses involved with printing these types of templates.

What is a Graduation Announcement Template?

A graduation announcement template is a type of template that announces the graduation date of a friend or loved one. You can use this for kindergarten graduations, high school graduations or college graduations.

As stated before, they have many advantages. These types of templates are available for free on this page. You can try it out before you print it out. Also, they are highly customizable. You’re not restricted to just one design. The template is easy for you to use. You can download right to your computer or your flash drive. You can even print it out when you’re done.

How to Use a Graduation Announcement Template

There are some tips to keep in mind when using a graduation announcement template. Don’t stick with just one design. Find a design that fits your loved one’s personality and sense of style. Experiment with the different styles until you find one that best fits the event. You can even use the school colors or the mascot on the template. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  1. Create a new template with your chosen sizes in mind. Make sure that you create graduation announcements that fit the envelope you’re using.
  2. Choose your favorite photo, as it will become the focus of your announcement. For example, you can use a photo of love your loved one. Make sure it’s in high-resolution before you use it.
  3. Use photo stock websites as a source of inspiration. They have plenty of graduation graphics and photos from you to choose from.

If you want to save money and time then download your own graduation template. In just a few short minutes you will have the announcements you need to send out to loved ones.

Download: Graduation Announcement Template