Gift Certificate Template


Screenshot of the Gift Certificate Template

Gift certificates are used for many things. Some organizations purchase gift certificates for customers, employees and potential customers. There are others that use them personally for family use. Whatever the reason you have for using gift certificates, the costs can add up tremendously. You may also find yourself purchasing more than what you need just to have a specific design. Some end up having many left over certificates never to use them again. This can be hundreds of dollars wasted a year. The solution to this is to create your own gift certificates in house. By downloading a Gift Certificate Template, you can create the exact gift certificate you want and the quantity you need.

How to Use the Gift Certificate Template

  • This free gift certificate template is very easy to use and download.
  • It is completely customizable for your needs.
  • After you have downloaded the certificate template you can open it in Word.
  • You will notice there are three certificates on the page. There are light perforations showing up.
  • The gift certificate template is already formatted to fit within the margins.
  • To start, highlight and add your own personal message where it’s highlighted [Add your personal message here…]
  • Next input the distribution date where it states [Date]
  • Complete the participant’s full name where it lists [Recipient]
  • The last column for the row is for the person’s name who is giving out the gift certificate. You will input their name over the spot [Sender].
  • Finally input the amount you are making the Gift Certificate out for.
  • You may now print your gift certificates as needed.

Tips for Using the Gift Certificate Template

  • As stated, this gift certificate template is customizable. You can change the color of the background by highlighting the certificate box and right clicking on it with your mouse. Select “borders and shading”.
  • You can change the font on either field by highlighting it and changing the font size, color, and type.
  • If you highlight all of the words you can drag the text to the left side or right side of the gift certificate. This will create a white space. You can enter a picture or other graphic design of your choice to personalize it even more.
  • You can print this on regular white paper or color paper.
  • A gift certificate also does not have to be printed. You can use it electronically as well by saving it as a PDF or picture file.

The Gift Certificate Template found here is your cost effective method of issuing gift certificates especially on a last-minute notice.

Download: Gift Certificate Template