Funeral Planning Checklist


Free Funeral Planning Checklist

Deaths in the family are never a cut-and-dry process. Memorial services and funeral planning is difficult because those who are closest to the deceased are usually the same people who are burdened with the funeral planning checklist and internment arrangements.

In the past, funerals were simple and followed a strict cultural guideline. Presently, funerals and memorial services can be arranged in myriad ways. A template for everything needed for a wake, memorial service, or funeral is a great way to make sure all aspects of these solemn and beautiful ceremonies are covered. Remember, the services are for the living wanting to pay their respects, so inclusion on a streamlined funeral planning checklist is job number one!

The Funeral Planning Checklist Makes Ceremonies Simple

This template provides an abundance of customizable cell organizational categories reserved for information regarding funeral locations, names and relationships of guests and ample room for informational pertaining to eulogy content, music sequences, time allotments for each stage of the ceremony and titles and privileges for the honored attendees.

All of the traditional checklist categories for funerals and memorial services are included with this complete template along with the ability to add needed columns for special concerns. Adding rows and columns to this exemplary checklist is similar to the functions in all other Microsoft Office-type templates. The windows provided for new columns can assimilate text beyond the scope of the visual windows.

When adding columns to this funeral planning checklist, feel free to title them as you wish, but realize they may be wrapped in order to save space. The objective is ease of use and customized chart layout for your unique funeral arrangements. This template is complete and user-friendly enough to include all aspects of your plans with just a few simple clicks.

Along with the option to click-and-drag columns and headings, this template allows the user to change font styles and sizes as another technique for organizing important moments in the ceremonial sequence. The font style changes are also a great way to highlight names of guest and attendees who need special seating, or who are of particularly important relation to the deceased.

It is not out of the question to design a funeral or memorial with this funeral planning checklist and use it as a general information chart for the attendees themselves. This template is detailed enough, yet simple so anyone can use it to navigate their way through the ceremony. Extremely large funerals and services can eliminate a great deal of confusion by providing this completed template to guests as a guide for the ensuing events.

Download: Funeral Planning Checklist