Fundraiser Template


Screenshot of the Fundraiser Template

The Fundraiser Template is an extremely useful tool for those planning a fundraising event in the near future. With this template, you can set an overall goal for your fundraising plans, as well as plan beforehand the breakdown of how divided portions of the money will be spent. The Fundraiser Template even comes with a very useful pie chart clip image that exists as a visual aid for your budgeting. The clip art image will adjust according to the numbers that you enter.

Mapping Out Your Event With the Fundraiser Template

In addition to the helpful, default budgeting structure, this Fundraiser Template comes with a list to keep track of your donors as well as the amounts that they have given. Furthermore, giving details are even broken down into their sources so you can keep the information for your records and for future reference. The fact that you can keep track of donors with this feature will make it especially easy for you to remember who gave to your project and keep them updated on your progress.

The best thing about the Fundraiser Template other than the fact that it is entirely free to use is that you can adjust all of its designs and default texts according to your preferences. With a mere click of the button, you can rewrite the text to match with your particular fundraising event.

Entering the names of donors as well as the amounts that they have given is very simple with the pre-designed chart. While the Fundraiser Template comes in pale green and orange colors, you can also change the color scheme to better suit your tastes, too. Virtually the entire template comes with customizing capabilities so that you can adjust every detail to fit your needs.

The best way to stay on top of a successful fundraising project is by effectively planning and keeping track of the logistics. With this extremely easy to use fundraising template, you can take extra caution to keep track of the accurate numbers.

Furthermore, it is significantly important for the sake of courtesy to remember who gave to your fundraising project. With this Fundraising Template, you can rest assured that no name will go forgotten so that you can express your gratitude in due time.

The fundraising template complete with donor list and budget plan is completely free to use. Simply download it here and put it to use by today.

Download: Fundraiser Template