Fragile Shipping Labels


Free Fragile Shipping Labels

Fragile shipping labels are available for companies wishing to ship merchandise. Most merchandise that can be mailed is of a certain size and weight. Fragile shipping labels can assist with the correct mailing of a particular type of merchandise. Personal use of fragile shipping labels can involve mailing out gifts or home business products that are of a certain type. Fragile shipping labels are used when the merchandise or product shipped is breakable or can be damaged if the container is not gently placed in a shipping truck.

How to Use the Fragile Shipping Labels

Fragile mailing labels are frequently used when the company product or personal gift is breakable or easily damaged. Merchandise needs to be carefully wrapped and packed within the mailing boxes, and certain packing materials need to be used. These product packing supplies include specialized foam packing bits and air filled packing sheets that brace and stabilize the mailed product within a shipping box.

This type of packing organization is essential before a breakable or easily damaged item should be shipped. The package itself needs to be properly labeled with shipping warnings like the fragile labels available right here. The package needs to be taped and bound properly as well. The following are several additional bonuses to consider when choosing to ship a fragile item:

  • The fragile mailing labels are available for download right here.
  • Fill out the template with the company name and address information.
  • A company logo can be used to give the mailing label a professional look.
  • Fragile warnings are included on the downloaded label.
  • The label template is free and available on this page.
  • The template can be customized for a company and is easy to use.
  • There are two fragile mailing labels available per downloaded page.

Tips About Using the Fragile Mailing Labels

Additional tips about using fragile mailing labels may include several of the following suggestions:

  • Make sure that the package is appropriately secured.
  • Be sure to tape and complete the shipping package.
  • Place the fragile label on all breakable and easily damaged product packages.
  • A shipping label should include a return address or telephone number.

All fragile packaging goes through an inspection at a post office or mailing center before it is accepted for shipping. Proper insulation and packaging labels are required as well.

Download: Fragile Shipping Labels