Formal Meeting Agenda Template


Whether you work for a community organization, a governmental body, or a business, most formal meetings follow a set of rules known as “Robert’s Rules of Order.” The rules include a format for meetings that is followed each time you meet. The Formal Meeting Agenda Template for Microsoft Word makes it easy for you to set up your next agenda by simply adding the pertinent information in the pre-existing format.

The normal flow of events in a formal meetings is a roll call, followed by approval of minutes from the previous meeting. The action then turns to working through open issues, followed by discussion on any new issues or agenda items that have been placed on the agenda. Easily customized, the Formal Meeting Agenda Template can be downloaded for free from this page.

How to Use the Formal Meeting Agenda Template Word Document

  • Determine whether you are going to use a data source document to fill in the data fields in the template. Each field or data area that is in brackets can be automatically populated from another document if that is the route you choose to take.
  • Enter the information in either the data source or by directly replacing the fields that are in brackets with the information that you have for your meeting.
  • Print the document or save it to go out by e-mail or be posted online.

Tips for Using the Formal Meeting Agenda Template Word Document

  • If you do not want to use mail merge, you can alternatively use Microsoft Excel to open the template and use a different worksheet to store each field’s data. You would then connect each data field to the source in the other worksheet in order to automatically populate it.
  • Your organization’s logo can be imported as a picture in Microsoft Word.
  • With a little bit of work, you can also use this template to report the minutes of the meeting. By adding attendees and the results of business transacted, along with any discussion, you can avoid re-entering information.

Download: Formal Meeting Agenda Template