Football Party Invitations


Screenshot of the Football Party Invitations

For the devout football fan who likes to keep in touch with all the NFL games and scores with friends and family, the Football Party Invitations template is a great way to make event planning easier, faster, with less stress and more quality. If you’re not a computer-savvy user, below are easy-to-follow instructions that will make creating Football Party Invitations a simple process for the introductory and skilled computer user, while presenting sophisticated and inviting cards.

Creating Football Party Invitations with the Microsoft Template

For getting started, the Football Party Invitations template is available for a free download when visiting this page. Additionally, the template is easily customized using a variety of creative options.

To create a Football Party Invitation that is immediately ready for use, follow the instructions below:

  1. Once downloaded from this page, the Football Party Invitations template will be available for use in your Microsoft Publisher program. Simply click on the program and select your newly-downloaded template to begin the customization process.
  2. The template features a high quality picture of football players in action on the field, with the strong visual of a blue sky and football field in the background. Once the picture opens up in the publishing board, you can adjust the size of the picture by clicking on the image and dragging any of the eight white circles that frame the image, in any outwards direction, which automatically increases the picture size. To decrease the size of the image, simply reverse the action by retracting any of the eight white circles which frame the image.
  3. The Football Party Invitations template is automatically set for a four-page design: the card cover, the white back, the information page, and the back cover, all of which can be formatted to your specific design. However, all you need to give your card a polished finish is to fill out the information template once you have set the size of your cover page. Simply click on the information page and fill out the questions concerning when and where the Football party will be held, party suggestions for guests to bring, and optional contact information of the host(ess).
  4. Finally, your Football Party Invitation card is ready to be printed and sent to guests. For color changes with font, page background, printing options and previews, or picture density, the Football Party Invitations template can simply be adjusted with the Microsoft Publishing Program’s regular options.

Download: Football Party Invitations