Food Pyramid PowerPoint Presentation


If you are a health or nutritional trainer you may want a creative method of showing people how to eat healthy. You want your audience to take away information that will be useful to them. It’s often difficult to give a lot of information to a group of people and have them retain it. A good method to help them is to support your training seminar with graphics. A Food Pyramid PowerPoint Presentation template will help you guide your food pyramid presentation as well as inspire other talking points.

How to Use the Food Pyramid PowerPoint Presentation

This is a very easy food pyramid presentation to download from this site. It’s free and customizable in PowerPoint. There are 13 slides to this presentation and you can delete or add as you see fit.

  • This Food Pyramid PowerPoint Presentation starts off with a very generic slide.
  • You will go directly into the next slide describing what your participants will learn regarding their nutrition and health.
  • Next is a picture of a food pyramid that you can adjust. The picture can be made larger, smaller, or you can delete it and add one of your own. There are labels at the bottom which you can type over. You may also adjust the colors.
  • The next six slides of the Food Pyramid Presentation will describe each food group. Here you can list examples of what to eat and how to eat them.
  • Slide 10 is an overview of discretionary calories and then you can move on to the importance of physical activities.
  • The Eat Well and Stay Healthy slide is going over a worksheet to review. It includes a hyperlink that directs you to a worksheet to download. You can take this opportunity to link your own document or website reference here as well. Simply select your text and go to the menu option “Insert” and then “Hyperlink”. Then, type in the website address in the “Address” field and press “OK” to exit.
  • Slide 13 is the conclusion. This goes over more brief points.

Tips for Using the Food Pyramid PowerPoint Presentation

This food pyramid presentation is designed for children. You can use this if you’d like for adults or you could update the food pyramid presentation for adults. Change the graphics up and some of the information you would present.

The Food Pyramid PowerPoint Presentation found here will add a bit more vision to your presentations.

Download: Food Pyramid PowerPoint Presentation