Fitness Plan Template

Fitness Plan Template

The New Year is fast approaching and with it comes the common New Year’s resolution to be fit. Many people make some sort of fitness goal – to lose weight, to run a marathon, or to just eat better. With the Fitness Plan Template, you can easily plan and track your New Year’s resolution progress from start to finish. Whether your goal is overall fitness or just eating more vegetables, this template will keep you motivated.

How to use the Fitness Plan Template

After downloading the template, you’ll open the Excel file and see a pre-populated Fitness plan with three pages. Begin your tracking by entering in your information under the left side “About Me” and “Starting Stats”. Next to these boxes are auto-generated graphs that change depending on the rest of the data you enter.

Below the graphs are where you track your size and weight. If this doesn’t fit into your resolution, simply delete the column(s) you don’t want to use. Otherwise, enter daily your weight and size changes. This will change the above graphs so you can easily see your progress.

Next, tab over at the bottom to the Activity Log. This page is all about your exercise goals. The top column in purple is generated, so move below it and enter in the exercises you do each day and the corresponding information. The above box will update to show you your totals.

Finally, the last tab is the Food Log. This page allows you to track your food intake in a very detailed fashion, down to the decimal. Remember, you can ignore/erase the parts you don’t care about tracking! Start by entering your Daily Intake target at the top of the page. If you don’t know how much sodium or other nutrient you want to/should be taking in, Google your BMI and research what others choose. Ignore the Total Intake line as it is automatically generated. Below, fill in the food you eat daily and the nutrients contained. This information will populate the Total Intake line, allowing you to track daily, weekly, or monthly consumption.

After this page is finished, your Fitness Plan is complete. Enjoy entering your stats every day, and viewing your progress to keep motivation up.

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Template courtesy of Microsoft