Fishbone Diagram Template


Fishbone Diagram Template

The fishbone diagram template has been helping businesses and students lay out the cause and effect of problems and situations for decades. Now, you can get your own fishbone diagram template from Microsoft for free right here. The Microsoft fishbone diagram template downloads in seconds and is ready to use immediately after downloading. Take advantage of our special offer and download the Microsoft fishbone diagram template from Template Haven for free today!

Overview of the Fishbone Diagram Template

The fishbone diagram template is for use in Microsoft Visio, which is a part of the Microsoft Office line of software. After you’ve downloaded the zip file by clicking the link available on this page, unzip it and open the diagram template in Visio. The fishbone diagram template can be used over and over, so be sure to save a blank copy before you begin the editing process.

How to Use the Fishbone Diagram Template

Also known as a cause and effect diagram, the fishbone diagram Microsoft template works by identifying the causes that led to the eventual problem or effect. As designed, the fishbone diagram template includes four major cause categories. You can edit each major cause category by double-clicking the respective buttons.

Within each major cause category is space to provide a secondary cause. While not completely necessary, these secondary causes can help you further figure out exactly what happened as you move through the fishbone diagram template.

Once you have added all the major and secondary causes, the fishbone diagram template “fishbones” its way to the problem/effect. You can also edit this portion of the diagram template by double-clicking the problem/effect button.

The fishbone diagram template is perfect for both the classroom and the board room. Its functionality and ease-of-use will allow you to create a fishbone diagram in a matter of minutes! Download this incredible template for FREE from today!

Download: Fishbone Diagram Template