First Place Award Template


The First Place Award Template available on this page is very easy to use and can be customized very easily. It is versatile enough to work for many different occasions. Here is a how-to on how to use the file to your advantage and a couple tips to make your life even easier.

How to Use the First Place Award Template

When you open the First Place Award Template, it will load in any software that is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Once it has opened you can start doing your customizing. The name of the person receiving the award should go where the “Click to add title text” is and the bottom area is left open to add any information you want about the award you are giving.

You could go into what the award is being given for or even a quote or saying that fits the occasion. After you have finished the template you can print it out and use it or go in to the tips section to customize the template even more.

Tips on Using the First Place Award Template

One of the biggest customizations beyond what the template has is adding a little bit of graphics to show off the mascot of the team or the logo of the individuals giving out the award. This adds a nice touch that makes it look much more personal. If you have the time and the means, you can also add the picture of the individual receiving the award on the document and after it is printed out on high quality paper, laminate it so the award will last forever.

If you wish, you could change the color of the outside ribbon to red and make a second place award and again change it to yellow to signify the third place award. Then you would have to change the text at the top to fit the color. You could even change the color of the ribbon to something else that you desire that can be the participation awards.

The easy-to-use and fully customizable First Place Award Template is available to download at the bottom of this page. You can be done with your awards quickly and make them very personal to the recipient. Use this template any way you want and get the most you can out of it.

Download: First Place Award Template