Financial PowerPoint Template


Screenshot of the Financial PowerPoint Template

Every business is established with a standard financial framework. For most companies, sales, profits, income and earnings are reported in a concise record at the end of every year. Preparing that necessary report with all the details need not be a dreaded chore. The Financial PowerPoint Template provides the basic format, is customizable, and presents a well-designed, professional alternative for business financial reporting.

How to Use the Financial PowerPoint Template

To get started, the Financial PowerPoint Template comes preloaded with a report background. If you prefer a different look, click on Design and select any of the preloaded plans or choose a color scheme. All the slides will change accordingly.

Next, the text areas may be modified by clicking on the information. Decide on the font style and color to match your background. Change the contents with normal word processing techniques. If more information is needed in a different spot on the slide, add another text box by clicking on Insert/Text Box.

Finally, add financial information by clicking on the appropriate box. Slides with charts and graphs can be customized through the Insert/Chart tab and connected with Excel for detailed information or formed in other financial software and inserted as a picture.

Tips for Getting the Most from the Financial PowerPoint Template

First, take a moment and review the order of the slides and ascertain if all the needed information is covered. Insert blank slides for missing data by selecting Home/Insert New Slide. Use the left column, numbered slide list to click and move the slides to any order desired. Remember to modify the second slide to correspond with this order change.

Second, print a copy and view on the Slide Show tab to find mistakes in spelling and formatting. A proofread report garners the right attention to the financial details. If the document is distributed in print, consider adding the company name and date to each slide.

Third, be sure to keep the Financial PowerPoint Template for use in the coming years. The consistency in report style will quickly convey the company’s financial information.

Releasing financial numbers in a yearly summary allows a business to share pertinent facts with shareholders, partners and the public. Use the Financial PowerPoint Template to encourage consistency and accuracy in business reporting.

Download: Financial PowerPoint Template