Financial Portfolio Template


Photo of the Financial Portfolio Template

The more money someone has, the harder it is to keep track of. If all someone has is a savings account and a checking account that’s relatively small beans. However, if someone has multiple accounts, as well as money in CDs, stocks, bonds and half a dozen other locations, it can be significantly harder to keep track of. When that happens it’s important to have a financial management tool to make sure that nothing gets lost in the swirl. As long as someone has access to Microsoft Excel, the financial portfolio template is one of the best bets out there today.

What is The Financial Portfolio Template?

The financial portfolio template is a simple, straightforward way to keep track of money, expenses and all of the things that make someone’s financial health what it is. This template can be downloaded for free, and all someone has to do is open up the file and fill in the blanks. The sheet has already been pre-programmed, and it will do all of the math for the person using it.

All the user has to do is provide the raw numbers and make sure they’re correct. Once that’s done, the financial portfolio template will do all of the heavy lifting, giving users all of the information they need in an easy to read, basic setup that won’t require banking experience to understand.

Keeping a Running Tally

The great thing about the financial portfolio template, aside from the fact that it’s free, is that it can be used to create a record of one’s financial history. All one has to do is make sure that they fill out a new portfolio every so often (every month, every quarter, etc.) and then keep a record of them over time. This will allow someone to make a longer chart of information which will show their financial health and portfolio changes over the long term, which could also be used to see the repercussions of certain financial decisions in their entirety.

It will also help to show how one’s money has changed and to point out what trends they are being affected by over the long term. Most computer programs that would provide that sort of information cost a great deal of money, and have to be regularly updated besides. This template is free to all, and the only thing it requires is Microsoft Excel. It’s that easy!

Download: Financial Portfolio Template