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If you run an office either out of your home or for an outside company, then you know how important it is to maintain organization of your area, especially the file cabinet where it tends to become overloaded with documents over time. This is where file folder labels are convenient to use.

Using a template that can provide customization with the style, size or color of fonts you want on the file folders make it a smart choice for individuals who like to maintain order with all their documents. Organizing office files will help in proper record keeping and creating a flawless filing system. The Microsoft Word template for designing file folder labels makes it easy to setup and use. It is available on this page for immediate download free.

How to Use the File Folder Labels Template

  • Once you have downloaded the template click to open the document to begin setup. There are 30 fields of customization to enter text.
  • The template already comes with sample text fields, making it a convenient way to just highlight and type in your own description.
  • You can also choose the size, style and color of the font. Keep in mind how many characters will fit for each label area on the template.
  • Avery labels 6870 or 8257 will work fine with the template. Either product will produce up to 30 labels and will work on inkjet or laser printers.

Tips for Using the File Folder Labels Template

  • Use different color font to identify and easily find documents. For example, you can make the font on the labels for tax records blue, job applications red, car payments green and so on.
  • A tab alignment system works in great combination with file folder labels. Making folders easy to find and simple to maintain.
  • The template can be used for other purposes too; create labels for report covers, envelopes, storage boxes and more.

Start taming the amount of paper files in your office and create a pleasant visual representation of your documents. Use the easy to customize file folder labels template available for download on this page.

Download: File Folder Labels

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