Field Trip Permission Slip


Free Field Trip Permission Slip

Ensure parents and guardians give their permission before an upcoming outing or trip by sending home a field trip permission slip. This transportation permission slip template can be used for school, church, club, team or specialty group field trips and outings. It allows parents and guardians to give clear and concise replies to formatted questions as well as providing them with a space to hand-write any further concerns, instructions or guidelines. Downloading the field trip permission slip template for free from this page is the first step toward making any trip or outing safe and legal.

Benefits of Using the Field Trip Permission Slip Template

  • It is completely free and available from this page making it easy and convenient to download.
  • It is simple to use and fill out for both the trip administrator and the parent or guardian.
  • The template is customizable allowing for personalized trip details to be entered.
  • It can be printed as soon as it has been downloaded and edited so that it is ready for immediate use.
  • It is a transportation permission slip which details rules and guidelines for driving to and from an event.
  • It provides a customizable space so the school, institution or group name can be added.
  • It includes a line where individual student names can be entered.
  • The template also provides plainly worded questions with “yes” or “no” style answers that can be clearly marked and easily read.
  • A space is provided for the parent or guardian to include any other special instructions pertaining to their child’s trip transportation.
  • It contains two separate sections which addresses the child as a passenger as well the child as a driver.
  • It also provides a space for the parent or guardian signature.

How To Use the Field Trip Permission Slip Template

  • Begin by downloading the template for free from this page. Be sure to save to the computer.
  • Customize the template by adding the name of the school, institution or group that will be taking the field trip.
  • Print the permission slips.
  • If not already complete, write in each participant’s name in the provided space.
  • If desired, highlight any important areas with a colored pen or marker. This may be appropriate for the parent or guardian signature section.
  • Deliver slips to participants.

Use the transportation field trip permission slip template before any school, church or group outing to ensure a safe and fun start!

Download: Field Trip Permission Slip