Field Trip Permission Form


Free Field Trip Permission Form

When your child has been invited to a field trip at school, it is important that the child has a written Field Trip Permission Form for his or her parents and that the parents are fully aware of the time, date, location and subject of the field trip. Field trips are not only memorable and fun for the students, but they are also very educational. Students get a chance to learn about school subjects in a different environment that makes the learning process feel entertaining

The Field Trip Permission Form template spells out the necessary details that are needed and is easy to use. The Microsoft Word Template is downloadable for free on this page and it delivers a personalized finish that will easily address the needs of both the teacher and the parent.

How to Use the Field Trip Permission Form Template

  • First, insert the date that the permission slip should be returned by. Allow enough time for parents to read over the information and consider any previously scheduled barriers before being required to meet the return deadline
  • Second, complete the location field that will clarify the exact address of the field trip destination.
  • Third, fill in the complete details that explain the purpose of the field trip. Perhaps the class has begun to study a new topic like dinosaurs, or maybe the students have worked hard to earn a trip to the city park for exploring.
  • Fourth, be sure to name the cost that parents are expected to in order for their child to attend thee field trip.
  • Fifth, provide instructions for parents who choose to pay by check. When the check is made out, the parents will need to know who the money should be addressed to.
  • Sixth, explain how the students will be transported to and from the location of the field trip, whether it be by bus or walking.
  • Seventh, indicate the time that everyone will depart from the school to go on the field trip and the time that that everyone will arrive back at school.
  • Lastly, describe any special instructions about the field trip that will help the parents better prepare their child for the field trip. Perhaps the students need to bring a lunch or money to purchase a lunch, or they need sunscreen and insect repellent for outside conditions.

Tips for Using the Field Trip Permission Form Template

  • First, leave the bottom portion of the Field Trip Permission Form blank for the parents to complete. Once the parents complete the bottom portion, they will tear along the dotted line and return the completed bottom half to the school, while retaining the top half for their own personal records
  • Second, double check and re-verify the location, purpose, cost, dates, times, and transportation method listed on the permission slip. If the Field Trip Permission Form is changed, make sure you have saved the most current version containing the correct information.

Download: Field Trip Permission Form