Fax Cover Sheet Template


Screenshot of the Fax Cover Sheet Template

A professional fax cover sheet can make your business look much more refined and help keep your faxes from being misplaced. As a worker for a business or a business owner, you should take pride in the work you do and make it look as professional as possible including making sure to include a cover sheet with all faxes that you send out. With our Fax Cover Sheet Template, this will be a quick and easy task.

Why Use a Fax Cover Sheet Template?

Available for free on this page is an easily customizable Fax Cover Sheet Template that can be used for any business. Many important documents are sent through fax every day and every day faxes are lost in a pile of paperwork due to not having a cover sheet to signify its existence.

It will be much harder to pass over a document with a cover sheet and if your document does end up in the wrong pile it will be easily recognized and returned to the individual it was meant for in the first place. The fax machine can be a busy area in the work place and without something as simple as a cover sheet your important document can be easily lost forever.

How to Use the Fax Cover Sheet Template

This easy to understand and quick to use fax cover sheet template begins with entering the information of your business at the top. The company name, company address, phone number, fax number, and web address should all be present to make your document easy to recognize. In the center of the document, there is more information that needs added.

The recipient’s name, fax number, phone number, and a subject should all be added to distinguish who the fax is to and what it is about. Even if you send the fax to the wrong fax number someone might be able to catch it and forward it to the correct number if this page is included.

You then enter information about yourself including your name, the number of pages included, and the date. You can then check one of the five boxes at the bottom to signify what exactly the message is about. Lastly, you can add any additional comments at the bottom.

With this easy to use Fax Cover Sheet Template available here for download you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache associated with lost faxes that never get to their recipients.

Download: Fax Cover Sheet Template