Family Reunion Newsletter


Download the Family Reunion Newsletter template

In our modern world, extended family ties are more difficult to maintain than in previous generations. Families are often spread out across the country. Those looking to maintain extended family ties know it can get expensive and time consuming. Use the free Family Reunion Newsletter template to cut the expense to virtually nothing.

Why Use the Family Reunion Newsletter Template?

Because this newsletter is electronically formatted, it can be easily disseminated to the entire family via email for free. Furthermore, the newsletter itself makes a great resource for the entire family to keep informed. Lastly, if you do a different newsletter for each reunion, or possibly a few a year leading up to the annual reunion, over time they become a chronicle of the growing family. Crafty family members will want to print multiple copies for scrap-booking.

How to Use the Family Reunion Newsletter Template

  • First, download and save the free template.
  • Second, open the template and save in a new file. Enter the information that will stay the same, such as the family name and perhaps a family saying or quote from an elderly family member.
  • Third, enter your articles. The template is already formatted with an attractive background assuring professional looking results.

Tips for Using the Family Reunion Newsletter Template

  • First, involve the family. While the newsletter is to inform the family about reunions, it is also a great tool for uniting the family year round. Email family members. Invite them to participate by emailing in their own articles. The newsletter is a perfect way to announce births, marriages, new jobs, graduations and other events important to family members. A grandmother on the opposite side of the country will dearly love reading about her grandson’s first grade trophy or any other event that she could not attend.
  • Second, consider including photographs to break up text.
  • Third, be creative. Remember, the only limitations are the limitations you impose. The newsletter is a great place to include interesting things unique to your family, such as a favorite family recipe, an amusing personal anecdote, or even old correspondence from members no longer living.

Family is the most precious gift we are given in this life. Use the free and easy Family Reunion Newsletter template to keep your family close, informed and actively communicating, no matter where they may be.

Download: Family Reunion Newsletter