Family Monthly Budget Planner


It can be hard to save money when you have so much going out in all directions when it comes to your kids and other activities. And saving money is a must so that when emergencies come up, you are prepared and not caught in a tight spot. With a family monthly budget planner, you can see exactly what is coming into your home and where money is spent on every expenditure.

The family monthly budget planner is a real eye opener and can show even the most careful spenders where they can improve. The template is easy to use and can be customized to fit your family’s needs.

Tips to Set Up your Family Monthly Budget Planner

Before you begin you need to gather up all your monthly bills and total monthly income. The best place to get the most accurate details for this is your bank account. This helps you line up which bills are the most have’s and where the extras are.

Once all the bills and income are ready to enter in, then it’s time to start putting the data into the family monthly budget planner. It has an area for total monthly income so put that total in first. After that total is put in, then start adding in the other totals for areas such as:

  • Rent and or house payment
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Loan payments
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Entertainment. (This can be broke down into areas like take out, movies, vacation, etc.)

If some payments are due quarterly, you can break those payments down into monthly payments, or just enter them in as they come due.

By keeping up with a family monthly budget planner, you can pinpoint exactly where what money is coming in and exactly where it is going out too. This can help show you and your family how to improve on areas where excess spending can be seen.

Planning more at home meals, family time at home with a movie, or just cooking out by the pool, versus going out can save a substantial amount of money when added up over the course of a few months. These savings can then be put into an emergency fund and or on a much needed vacation that is well deserved.

Over time you can see your improvements with cutting unnecessary spending out and can visually see the improvements on where money was saved.

Download:  Family Monthly Budget Planner