Family Chore Chart


A family chore chart is a great way to organize all of your household responsibilities and help ensure that they get done without constant reminders. Assigning children specific chores throughout the week helps teach them responsibility and demonstrates how a family works together to keep a home running smoothly. These lessons will transfer to other areas of their life as they join sports teams or theatre troupes and work in groups at school.

This family chore chart template will help you to easily design a useful chart for your home without making another chore for you! You’ll also avoid arguments about being fair. The chart will display how all tasks are evenly divided between family members. The template provides spaces for each chore, the person responsible for completing it each day of the week, and spaces to mark off when the task is completed.

How to Use a Family Chore Chart Template

  • Download this template here for free. It is easy to use and you can customize it for your specific needs.
  • The first time you open the template, you may need to select “Enable Editing” before you can type within the document. You should receive a prompt when you attempt to type.
  • Use the left-side column to list all of the chores that need to be completed each week.
  • Type in the name of the person responsible for each task each day of the week.
  • Print out the completed family chore chart and you’re ready to put the family to work!

Tips for Using This Template

  • If you use a regular rotation of chores, save a version of each so you don’t need to re-create a new family chore chart every week.
  • Make it easy for everyone to quickly find the chores assigned to them by using a different cell color for each person (just put your cursor in the cell, then select a shade color under “Table Tools/Design”).
  • If a task doesn’t need to be completed every day (such as lawn work), simply put an “X” in the space of the “off” days.
  • Make sure everyone marks off their chores as completed. This not only allows you to track progress, but will add a sense of accomplishment and pride for jobs well done.

Download: Family Chore Chart