Expense Estimate Template


Free Expense Estimate Template

Are you in charge of keeping track of your company’s expenses? As you are aware this can be a difficult task if you are the CFO, accountant, or just trying to keep tabs on your own business expenses. Microsoft has developed a customizable Expense Estimate Template that can help keep this information in control. The Expense Estimate Template is free and available for download on this page. All you have to do is click the download button. Once downloaded, you do have the option to easily customize it to fit your business needs.

Using the Expense Estimate Template

The Expense Estimate Template comes with pre-populated information in the first sheet titled “Planned Expenses” and it includes the following information:

  • Employee Costs (including: wages, and benefits)
  • Office Costs (including: Office lease, gas, electric, water, telephone, Internet Access, Office Supplies and security)
  • Marketing Costs (including: Web site hosting, web site updates, collateral preparation, marketing events and miscellaneous expenses)
  • Training & Travel (including: Training Classes and training-related travel costs)
  • And the total expenses

This is where you are able to set up the goals for the company and its spending on a month to month basis. The second sheet is actually where you will put in the actual figures accumulated throughout the months. The third tab is automatically populated with the results of the first 2 sheets and the differences. Allowing you to see where you overspent and underspent in your goals and estimations.

On the Expense Estimate Template it has a tab titled Expense Analysis. This is where you will get a quick glance overall of the same figures at a quick look and includes graphs to help illustrate this example to you. For more information you want to relate back to the previous tab. This tab however gives you the best overall section on where you need to better budget and in which section.

The last tab on the Expense Estimate Template is the Total Expenses. This gives you a month by month analysis of your company’s expenses. When this information is compared to the company’s profits the company can compare the two figures and see what they can do to either cut costs in some areas and increase spending in others to get the best results and highest profit margin for their company.

Download the Expense Estimate Template for free and see how your company’s costs can be minimized and its profits maximized today!

Download: Expense Estimate Template