Excellence Award Template


Screenshot of the Excellence Award Template

If someone at your company or a member of one of your organizations deserves special recognition for something they did, consider using the easy to use Excellence Award Template available for download on this page. It is easily customizable to suit any of your needs. The Award of Excellence template from Microsoft is also completely free.

How to Use the Excellence Award Template

The Excellence Award Template has a few steps to customizing it to your own needs. The first step is to add in your company’s name where the template says “Company Name” in cursive writing. A single click in the field will have you editing the template.

The next portion to change is where the template has Employee Name. This is where you put the name of the individual receiving the award. Below their name you have an area to put the date that you plan on presenting the award to them on.

At the very bottom is one last field that you should edit. The Presenter Name and Title can be replaced with the person who will be presenting the award. After the certificate is printed out, you should have the presenter sign on the appropriate line as well.

Tip on Using the Excellence Award Template

In the Award of Excellence template, you can fully customize the background image and the picture above the text. By clicking on the background image and deleting it you can then add another image from either clip art or files on your computer. The background image should be 7.25” high and 9.75” across but can be stretched in the program to fit accordingly.

The image of the flag can be changed to better suit your situation as well. The images size is about 1.4” high and 2.2” across. You can use a different size image though. Just import what you would like to use and stretch it to where it looks right. It will keep its aspect ratio so it will not become too long or tall compared to the original. You can even change the name of the award to anything you wish.

The Excellence Award Template is a fully customizable and easy to use Microsoft PowerPoint file available here for download. Make your own award and give it those that deserve it.

Download: Excellence Award Template