Excel Retirement Planner


Retirement can be frightening. There is always the concern about whether you have enough money to last for the remainder of your life. Many postpone retirement for that very reason. The fear of the unknown about future financial needs can be immobilizing. But, an Excel retirement planner is available that will help eliminate those worries.

Over 90% of those who are currently retired do not have enough money to be totally financially independent. Social Security is not designed to fully support a person. It is a supplement to retirement income. That means you will need to know how much income you will need in addition to Social Security. A free Excel retirement planner is available that will help you determine exactly what your future needs are.

You may think something this valuable will cost a lot. But, this Excel retirement planner is totally free. It is an excellent resource to allow you to make specific plans so far as what you have available and how adequate this will be based on several factors, including that of life expectancy.

Using the Excel Retirement Planner

To use this planner you will type in your information into the appropriate cells. It is fully customizable to your personal situation. This Excel retirement planner helps you determine how much you should be saving at any particular stage in your life in order to comfortably retire with worrying whether you will have enough money or not.

Retirement should be one time in life that one looks forward to with joy. But, if there is the fear of financial difficulty, it can be a time fraught with worry. A financial advisor can help by giving advice, but unless you have unlimited time with them, you may not get all the answers you want. With the Excel retirement planner, you are able to input different information and get immediate answers about the impact those decisions will have on your situation.

Predictions of future financial needs are available, but they are provided for the “average” person. No one is entirely average. With this free, dedicated Excel retirement planner, you have the capability of inputting such things as unusual medical needs, windfalls that might be expected, and investment payouts. This allows you to make decisions based on your own personal information.

This template is easily downloadable and has complete instructions for use. Anyone can download and easily set up this Excel retirement planner for making good decisions.

Download: Excel Retirement Planner