Excel Income Statement Template


Free Excel Income Statement Template

The inevitable goal of every business is to make a reasonable profit. Consequently, an Excel Income Statement Template is a very valuable asset to any company that is trying to achieve that goal. The template is a very effortless pathway to keeping track of the company’s revenues and expenses. The pre-built formula fields make it even easier to manage. It will provide a valuable view of the company’s total performance over a period of time.

How to Use the Excel Income Statement Template

  • First, it is important to get familiar with the free to download Excel Income Statement Template. The template is very easy to customize and features pre-built formulas. Add the company information, logos, and other pertinent information.
  • Second, customize the fields that are required to set up the company’s income. Consider all this information carefully. It will be used to identify that company.
  • Third, set up more fields for very specific information that relates to that company.

Tips for Using the Excel Income Statement Template

  • First, it is important to note that this might be the only form of verification for the total income. Keep several copies of the data in different locations. One in computer files and a few paper copies.
  • Second, use the data complied to analyze income trends for the short term or long term goals. Try to discover ways to improve the income over specified periods.
  • Third, prepare copies to distribute to partners, financial institutions, and for tax purposes in the future. It is important to note that income statements are valuable legal forms that are required by companies.

Small business owner’s to larger corporations are required to keep records of their income. The Excel Income Statement Template is an easy and very convenient way to compile the company’s total income over the course of a year. For example, the pre-built formula system guides in preparing the revenue or the income that is generated by the business over the year. It helps to prepare business expenses which might include salaries, utilities, taxes. Plus, other expenditures. Download your free Excel Income Statement Template now.

Download: Excel Income Statement Template