Excel Expense Report Template


Excel Expense Report Template Free

Every business in the world has expenses. The sheer amount of paperwork, and time, put into the tracking and cataloging is another major expense on its own. Companies are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient with their back-office work and the Microsoft Excel Expense Report Template is a very effective tool to fill this very need.

The Excel Expense Report Template, offered for free, allows customization to fit your business needs. This also allows you to tailor it to the normal expenses your employees use as well as the employee and the person that authorized the charges. This will ensure that you only pay what is approved by your accounting department.

How to Use the Excel Expense Report Template

  • First, create a set of list that will be used for the various fields’ drop down lists. You will need to know the accounts you have, the types of expenses you allow employees (i.e. hotel, car rental, food, etc.), and the descriptions that you normally use for details of these charges
  • Second, save this version as your “Master Template” to be used by all employees going forward
  • Third, set your minimums and maximums for each type of charge by creating another list to be used with drop downs

Tips for Using the Excel Expense Report Template

  • First, because this is supposed to save time, and will house all of your employee expense records, it is highly important each person be trained so they fully understand the process.
  • Second, make some test runs using old expense reports from another system. Input the information to make sure there are no missing fields or areas within the new template.
  • Third, make sure that you have a place on your network to hold the backup copies of the records.
  • Fourth, Input all of your old expenses into this new form to keep your historical and new data identical in look and format. This will save you time later if the information ever needs to be audited.

All companies have expenses. To decrease the amount of time and cost for your company, use the Excel Expense Report Template.

Download: Excel Expense Report Template