Excel Calendar Template

Excel Calendar Template

Organization and time management can be helped greatly by the use of a calendar. Finding a suitable calendar can be a monumental task if you have a lot of information to add. Day calendars have the room to write your appointments into but make it hard to see the coming week or month. Month calendars have small areas to write your daily appointments in and can become cluttered quickly. An easy alternative to a physical calendar is an Excel Calendar Template that can cater to your needs.

Why Use an Excel Calendar Template?

Available to you on this page is an easily customizable Excel Calendar Template. If you have a busy schedule that changes frequently there is no better choice than making your own calendar in Excel and printing it out month by month. This easy to use template can help you get yourself organized and store appointments far into the future that can be easily edited at a later point in time.

You will not have the lack of space traditional calendars have because as much data as you care to enter can be put in about any specific event. There is no easier way to keep you organized.

How to Use an Excel Calendar Template

The easy to use Excel calendar template available on this page has many features that will make your time management easier to deal with during busy times. The first thing you need to do is select whether you want the week to start on Sunday or Monday. Next, you will check or un-check the boxes beside Show Holidays and Show Observed to suit your own personal needs. You can even make your own holidays to appear on the calendar, like family birthdays, by simply specifying your own dates on a separate worksheet.

The last bit of information you will need to add to start using your calendar is the year. Now that your calendar is set up, you can insert your own appointments into the dates provided. You then have the option of printing out the calendar for the whole year or print out a specific month. If your schedule changes or you need to add information, complete the process again and print out a new schedule as needed.

There is nothing simpler than this Excel Calendar Template to use and no better option for those with busy constantly changing schedules.

Download: Excel-Calendar-Template