Event Ticket Template


Ticket with the Event Ticket Template

When throwing an event, occasionally it is important to be able to control the attendance to that event. Nearly everyone has experience in needing to purchase or acquire tickets to events, be they a concert, auction, or community potluck. If you are the one responsible for these tickets, using our Microsoft Excel event ticket template can save an enormous amount of time.

It is freely available for download right here on this page and provides an easy to use customizable way to print your own tickets to your event.

How to Use the Event Ticket Template

  • Decide on the information you wish to include on the ticket. Typical items include the name of the event, the time and date.
  • Enter the information into the template, remembering to place the information both on the main ticket body as well as the tear-off stub portion of the event ticket template.
  • Consider placing your organization logo on the ticket (if you have one). Color printing can be costly, so consider using a black and white version.
  • Think about providing more flavor text, like the theme of the event, or perhaps your organization’s motto (if applicable).

Tips for Using the Event Ticket Template

  • The tear-off stub of the event ticket template can provide further uses. Consider using it for a drawing at the event itself. If you do this, remember to add a ticket number to both the main portion of the ticket and its stub.
  • Absolutely remember to include the time, date, and place of the event. Attendees may lose their brochure about the event and placing that information on the ticket itself will save them valuable time.
  • Place appropriate contact information on the ticket in case the attendees have questions. You may wish to set up a central phone number and email box to deal with these, rather than having this go to a specific person.
  • Consider setting up a web site, FAQ, Twitter and Facebook pages for these events. This can allow you to reach more people faster and will encourage self-service on the part of your attendees.

Events can be fun-filled activities, fundraisers or more formal events like a guest lecture from a celebrity. Any of these can be more properly managed by tickets, and the event ticket template is your key to making things easier.

Download: Event Ticket Template