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Every year there’s a reason to celebrate: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baby showers and more. Getting creative to show your friends and family how much you care about them doesn’t have to be hard once you get the right start with your very own personalized Event Banner Template. With sharp graphics, easily navigable designs, and quick steps, Microsoft’s Event Banner Template gives you the attractive opening you want, straight from your PC.

A good Event Banner Template will give you the options to size your images, fonts and paper size exactly how you want, and provide lots of detail options to deliver the best quality available. This Event Banner Template not only meets these requirements, but is free to download from this page within seconds. You don’t need to be a publishing expert to get the best product you want. Following these instructions, beginners and expert PC users can customize a unique banner fit for any social event within minutes.

Working with the Event Banner Template

For step one, download the Event Banner Template and open it using Microsoft Publisher to begin the designing process.

Secondly, you will notice that the party banner template has 8 page sections for 8 characters, be they letters or symbols. If you have a party banner template design in mind that requires 10 characters or more, simply scroll your mouse down to the bottom of the window where you see the page numbers 1 through 8, and roll your mouse over page 8. By right-clicking on page 8, you will see the option, “Insert Duplicate Page”. You can click this option as many times as you need to get as many character pages necessary to complete your event banner.

Third, return to page 1 and begin creating your banner message. You can simply use the default font, or scroll your mouse to the top font tab and select a new font and font size. You will also find creative italics and font color options along the same toolbar.

Lastly, you can add finishing touches by re-sizing the pages with the “Page Options” tab on the left of the page under “Format Publication”, or drag each page toggle for an increase or decrease in individual size. The “Format Publication” tab provides impressive color schemes for various patterns that the boy, girl, or adult will love, or sophisticated themes for any specific occasion. Once completed, your banner will be ready to preview and print for immediate use.

Download: Event Banner Template