Estate Planning Checklist


Microsoft Estate Planning Checklist

Although people typically do not like to think about death, completing an estate planning checklist is important. This will protect not only property and items of monetary value, but it is also a way to make the process easier for family members after the death of a loved one. An estate planning checklist is an efficient way to prepare for difficult circumstances. Comprehensive templates also make retirement planning much easier because all the relevant information is easily found in one convenient place.

Using an Estate Planning Checklist Template

Completing a pre-formatted template is one of the easiest way to begin the retirement or estate planning preparation process. This is especially true when the subject is uncomfortable or complex. This estate planning checklist offers many helpful features:

  • It is fully customizable; simply fill in the blanks to get started.
  • The checklist is completely free and can be downloaded here.
  • It is easy to use and provides a wealth of information to help new users get started.

Practical Uses for an Estate Planning Checklist

Individuals entering the pre-retirement or retirement phase have many considerations and sometimes require the help of experts in the financial ore legal arenas to get started with an estate planning checklist.

The customized template is a great starting point and may even eliminate the need for outside assistance with the process. Individuals, couples, and families will be able to walk through the planning stages using the comprehensive template to put their affairs in order. Simply having an organized template is useful because it provides a new strategy for people who were trying to remember things as they go along. Even when individuals make a list on their own, they are bound to miss or forget something.

This handy, pre-formatted template covers all the basic features of estate planning such as financial, legal, and healthcare accounts. Users can enter specific information related to their bank accounts and insurance policies. There is even a section for other lifestyle information that covers a variety of scenarios that users may not have considered without the template.

Download: Estate Planning Checklist