Equipment Inventory Template


An Equipment Inventory Template can help any business make a list of the things that they own. Being able to track and keep a running record of items can help in insurance claims as well as for taxes.

Inventories are important to any business, and an easy to use and customizable Equipment Inventory Template can help to quickly get a catalog of the items. With a professional looking inventory on record, you can save a lot of time and effort in creating one yourself.

How to Use the Equipment Inventory Template

The first step in using the Equipment Inventory Template is to collect the data that you will be entering into it. The first column, column A, is reserved for a serial or identification number. Column B is for a description of the item you are listing. Column C is where you can enter the location of the item in question. The condition can be entered into column D. Column E can be filled with the vendor of the item.

Years of service left is next. The initial value, down payment, date purchased or leased, loan term, and loan rate are the next items to enter. Conveniently column L automatically uses your entered data to calculate and enter you monthly payment. The monthly operating cost in column M will be used to automatically fill column N, the total monthly cost.

The last data that you have to put in is the expected value at the end of the loan term. Column P, Q, and R all use your entered data to automatically fill that data for annual straight line depreciation and monthly straight line depreciation. They also help to display the current value. Fill all the data for each of the items you wish to record, and you will have an up to date inventory.

Tricks When Using the Equipment Inventory Template

The easiest and quickest way to successfully inventory your businesses items is to print a blank copy of this template out and fill it in with a pencil while you find the items. Instead of adding one at a time and running back and forth, you can make one sweep of your facility then add all the data at once. Also, you don’t need to utilize every column but the more completely you fill out the form the better off you will be.

This free and easy to use Equipment Inventory Template is available for download here. In the long run, you will save a lot of unnecessary time and effort.

Download: Equipment Inventory Template