Equipment Inventory List


The need for a proper equipment inventory system for any business cannot be over-emphasized. Companies today understand that an equipment inventory is just as important as a merchandise inventory. They do this by making use of an Equipment Inventory List Template.

Advantages of Using the Equipment Inventory List

To maintain an accurate equipment inventory, there are a number of things involved. These include such data as the date purchased, description of the equipment and its cost. There should also be columns to report dates and types of any repairs made, as well as the equipment’s depreciation expense. Any equipment that continually shows breakdowns probably needs to be replaced, which is obvious on the inventory list.

In addition:

  • The template can be obtained at no cost
  • It is especially designed per your requirements
  • It can be downloaded and put to immediate use

How the Equipment Inventory List Works for Your Business

To keep an accurate Equipment Inventory List it is necessary for you to design a form that fits your specific needs. This list can then be made into a template, which allows you to run numerous copies through your printer. These templates are designed by competent experts and arranged to your satisfaction.

In today’s electronic world, it is possible to get an Equipment Inventory List Template for no cost. It is also possible to obtain templates to fit other aspects of your business, such as Employee Review, Merchandise Inventory, Cash Flow and many others.

Why is there a need for an accurate equipment inventory?

  • Equipment is a large investment
  • Equipment must be dependable
  • Equipment breakdown can stop other work

Producing Forms Fit for a Business

Another advantage of the Equipment Inventory List format is that it can be used repeatedly to produce legible and accurate forms. Completed and combined with other reports makes it easy for the business accountant to prepare a profit and loss statement. This determines if a business is making or losing money. Get the equipment inventory list template from Microsoft for free today!

Download: Equipment Inventory List