Envelope Template


screenshot of the envelope template.

Everybody uses envelopes for many reasons. They can be used for school projects, business assignments, paying bills and for personal letters. Having an online envelope template is a great way to customize envelopes for all ones needs.

The envelopes can be customized to suit every need. Decorations, designs and business logos can be applied easily. There are literally hundreds of ways to customize envelopes with this template. Using this template can allow one to be really creative. Personal letters can be designed with any number of pictures, drawings, colors, fonts and outlines. The size of the words can even be changed easily.

Directions for Envelope Template Use

  • In the text field that says “Company Name Here” add your own personal information, including name and address with the full zip code.
  • Add the recipient’s name and address in the text field that says “Addressee”.
  • Pictures, clip art and designs can be added to the envelope template by simply clicking INSERT a picture at the top left on the screen.

Handy Ways to Customize Envelopes

  • One way to customize envelopes to look more business-like is by putting the company logo next to the text box “Company Name Here”.
  • Designs can be added to any part of the envelope to make it stand out. Hearts, puppies, birds, cars and even Elvis can be put on an envelope. One can even size the pictures and designs to fit best. Scrolls and flowering vines can adorn the edges of the envelope giving it a more sophisticated look.
  • Another way that envelopes can be customized is by adding family photos to envelopes; it gives the envelope a personal stationary feel.
  • The font for the print on the envelopes can also be customized. Changing the size or the shape of the letters. Cursive, print, and professional fonts are all available to use with this envelope template.

Using envelopes in a creative way can help one customize items, gain attention quicker, and show style. Depending on the designs chosen, envelopes can take on a whole new feel. Children and friends love getting personal notes that have cute envelopes.

It makes one realize that someone really cares. Business professionals look for crisp and clean documents without mistakes. Putting company logos in an envelope template is one way to advertise ones business, as well. It is easy to print as many envelopes that are needed from one design.

Download: Envelope Template