Entry Level Resume Template


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A resume provides a concise summary of the job seeker’s skills and accomplishments. Resumes are often the first introduction an individual has to a prospective employer. Often reviewed for a matter of seconds before an initial decision, a quality resume can mean the difference between an interview invitation and a rejection letter. Framing one’s qualifications can be especially hard for the entry level job seeker. This Entry Level Resume Template is the starting point for an excellent resume.

How to Use the Entry Level Resume Template

  • First, download the template. The Entry Level Resume Template is free to download from this site and fully customizable. Once downloaded, open the template in Word 2007 or later.
  • Second, complete the contact information at the top of the page. Make sure that all contact information is current.
  • Finally, complete the details of the resume. The Entry Level Resume Template is broken into three sections: Education, Awards, and Experience. In Education, complete all major degrees or certifications. Include dates and as much detail as would be relevant for the job search, such as majors, minors, or study focus areas. In the Awards section, include any applicable awards or recognitions. If none are relevant, this section can be omitted. In the Experience section, include all key positions with descriptions, dates, and locations of the position. Traditionally, the company or organization with location is listed first. If more than one position was held at a single company, itemize the positions under a single company heading as is shown in the template.

Tips for Using the Entry Level Resume Template

  • Brevity is key in communication. Attempt to keep your resume to a single page.
  • Experience and education is often presented chronologically, but does not necessarily need to be so. Consider listing the most relevant experience or education first.
  • Use action verbs when describing experience and try to provide key details about previous jobs to entice perspective employers to ask for more information.
  • The Entry Level Resume Template is completely customizable. Sections can be added, omitted, or re-ordered as best suits your needs.

Download: Entry Level Resume Template