Employee Vacation Tracker


Every business owner knows that managing their employees’ vacation time is a tedious but necessary task. Without keeping track of planned vacation days, it’s impossible to manage deadlines and provide coverage during busy times of the year. One could attempt to use a traditional paper calendar or chart to handle this task; however, this method is messy, prone to inaccuracy, and does not allow the business owner to track certain information, such as when each employee last took vacation. A much better solution would be to utilize the free, customizable Employee Vacation Tracker template, available for download on this site.

Why search online for some overpriced template that may not even offer the functionality you need? The Employee Vacation Tracker offered here is free, easy to download and totally customizable in Microsoft Excel.

How to Use the Employee Vacation Tracker

Here are some steps for getting the most out of your Employee Vacation Tracker template:

  • First, download the free template on this site. Downloaded items are often saved in temporary folders; you may want to choose a different folder so that the template may be easily located when you need it.
  • Gather the employee vacation information you already have. If you are lacking information for the coming weeks and months, you may need to send an email to your employees asking them to submit their upcoming vacation requests.
  • Next, open Microsoft Excel and begin using your template. For each of your employees, you can record the days they have already taken, as well as those they have requested. Color codes are used to differentiate vacation days, sick days and personal days.
  • With the Employee Vacation Tracker template, it is easy to see coverage conflicts that might arise if two key employees take vacation at the same time. Project deadlines can be set more accurately when you know which employees will be available. It’s also simple to tell whether an employee has taken their maximum allowed vacation, sick, or personal time.
  • As with any activity in Microsoft Excel, be sure to save your work as you go!

Being a business owner is difficult enough in today’s economy. Why not make one task easier and begin using the Employee Vacation Tracker today?

Download: Employee Vacation Tracker