Employee Training Template


Implementing a new employee training program? It’s always a good idea to bring fresh ideas to the table. Having a training manual to go through every day is a boring task. Bring life to your employee training program with a powerful and lively Employee Training PowerPoint Presentation. If you don’t know where to start that’s okay because this is a well-designed outlined Employee Training Template.

How to Use the Employee Training Template

  • This free template is easy and well laid out. Downloading this training template from this site takes just a few moments. You will soon have your customizable PowerPoint presentation ready in no time.
  • The opening slide is regarding Working Efficiently and Accurately. Change this title to whatever you are training on.
  • The introduction slide gives great tips. You will actually delete this information as this is a slide to pause and talk through. Feel free to add a graphic here. Your company logo or a slogan would work well here.
  • Next is the overview of your agenda for the training.
  • After that comes the “meat” of your training program. Explain how everything will come together in the end.
  • Next, you will list out any important terminology they will need to understand.
  • Afterward, you will update your Employee Training Template with the various topics you’d like to discuss.
  • Finally, you’ll arrive at the summary and more information pages. The summary will briefly discuss the main talking points to refresh any possible questions anyone has. The final slide, More Information, will go over other training materials as well as allow for Questioning and Answering.

Tips for Using the Employee Training Template

  • Add any additional slides by right clicking with your mouse a slide where you’d like the new slide to be inserted. This slide will appear below it.
  • You can print off the slides in a hand-out or note form so the trainees can have all of the relevant information.
  • This Employee Training Template can be used for departmental meetings or as a quick overview to send employees of a new process.

The Employee Training Template is perfect for a new trainer or as a helpful guide for those looking to start a new training presentation.

Download: Employee Training Template