Employee Profile Template


View of the Employee Profile Template

If you were presented with a project to organize employee profiles so anyone in the company can have access to backgrounds, contact information, and to know who to turn to, do you know where to start? What you should think about is getting a template together to start. What you need is an Employee Profile Template to download. This gives you employees contact information, details and their picture.

How to Use the Employee Profile Template

This Employee Profile Template is easy to use and has a nice layout. You can download it here and it’s free. You will customize this to your organizations preferences.

  • Once loaded, update the header with the name of your company and department.
  • Next, for the first profile, input the employee name.
  • Now update the person’s Title, Department, Birth and Hire date, phone number and applicable extension, their cell phone number and finally their home address.
  • Now you can update the employee description. The details you enter will be up to your company. You can input their educational background and prior positions they worked at. You also can decide to list their job description at your organization.
  • Notice you can also input the employee’s picture in their profile. Right click on the picture and select Change Picture. Select the correct picture from your file.
  • Perform the same steps for each employee.

Tips for Using the Employee Profile Template

  • You can change the font up on your template, font size, and font color.
  • If you want to make it interesting, have the employees update their own profile details. They can send it over for your approval. Ask them to include information such as their favorite color, food, or high school attended.
  • You can organize each department by tabs. Simply right click the tab and select “Move or Copy” and then Copy. Rename the tab.
  • This Employee Profile Template can be used both internally and externally. You can use this as a part of a company directory. To use externally, once complete you can follow the Read Me instructions to load this online.

The Employee Profile Template found here keeps your organization’s employees up to date.

Download: Employee Profile Template