Employee Phone List


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Swift internal communication maximizes a company’s earning power. There is one simple way to achieve this; ensure company staff can quickly and easily get in touch by phone and through email with fellow team members. To that end, more and more companies are converting to customizable Excel Employee Phone List templates. Gone are the days when businesses made due with distributing simple typed or written Employee Phone Lists to their staff.

Excel Employee Phone List Templates are a Modern Alternative

The templates are available for free download directly to your computer. This means if someone loses or damages his copy of the list, you can simply print out more. Employee Phone List templates also give companies the option to sort lists by first name, last name, or even a particular group or category.

At the same time, you can assemble a list of your organization’s staff addresses, names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses with a simple template. Data-filtering is then used to locate what you are looking for.

Another benefit is the ease in which employees can swap copies of the lists via e-mail, and then print out digital copies. The template’s “cells” have plenty of space to type in. And when printed, the templates each display grid-lines separating entries for easy display. Changing the font or style of entries is also simple and easy.

How to Use the Employee Phone List Excel Document Template

To function well, the phone list template should contain the below characteristics:

  • The top row of the spreadsheet should contain labels. Each should describe what is contained in the column below. Avoid duplicating labels.
  • Restrict each column to the same kind of information.
  • Separate in distinct columns each type of information that you want to be able to search, sort by, or otherwise individually manipulate.
  • Avoid blank rows or columns.
  • If possible, restrict the list to one worksheet. If the information fails to fit on one worksheet, be sure to use blank rows and columns to separate information.
  • Be sure to back up your employee phone list in multiple ways.

Download: Employee Phone List