Employee Newsletter Template


Creating office newsletters is easier than ever before thanks to the new employee newsletter template from Microsoft. The employee newsletter template is available as a free download right here on this page. Download the template and keep your co-workers in the know today!

About the Employee Newsletter Template

The employee newsletter template is a four-page Microsoft Word document. After you’ve managed to download it instantly by using the link available right here on this page, we advise that you save a blank copy of the employee newsletter template somewhere that is easily accessible on your computer. By saving a blank copy, you can have a fresh, unused employee newsletter template for each and every month of the year.

As you peruse the employee newsletter template for the first time, keep in mind that all aspects of the template are customizable. If you see anything you don’t like or know you won’t use, simply alter and customize the employee newsletter template so that it better meets your needs.

How to Use the Employee Newsletter Template

Now that you have the employee newsletter template opened and saved a blank copy, you can dive right in to the first page. You’ll notice along the left side of the front page is a space reserved for a table of contents. Here, you can place a preview of everything that’s in this month’s newsletter. The first page also includes a space for front page news as well as a special message from the president, CEO or boss.

The second and third pages of the employee newsletter template are where you will really delve into your main content. This is where you can place employee news, profiles, industry news, department news and much more. With this portion of the employee newsletter template, the content possibilities are endless.

The final page of the employee newsletter template is reserved for a calendar of upcoming events, such as birthdays, holidays and special work functions. You can also note employee anniversaries in this section.

Making a company newsletter doesn’t have to be a laborious or expensive endeavor thanks to the Microsoft employee newsletter template. Download your copy of the template for free right here today!

Download: Employee Newsletter Template