Employee Award Template


Screenshot of the Employee Award Template

Employees are one of the most important assets a business has. Without employees, many businesses would have a difficult time selling products and services. Unfortunately, many managers and executives fail to recognize the positive, helpful contributions of employees and instead focus on mistakes. When this happens, company morale drops and the workplace can become a toxic environment. No one wants to listen to negativity at work. Businesses with a positive company atmosphere are known for recognizing the good things employees have done and are currently doing to contribute to the company’s goals. Instituting an Employee Recognition Program will go a long way in retaining great employees and making employees feel valued and appreciated. One way to show appreciation for an employee is to create a customizable award with an Employee Award Template.

Stylish awards can be created with the award template from Microsoft PowerPoint. Customizing the Employee Award Template to emphasize the qualities of a hard-working employee will surely be appreciated by the recipients. The personalities and interests of employees can also be considered when customizing because the award template PowerPoint has many tools to change the template. Employees will proudly display the beautiful awards created with the Employee Award Template.

How to Use the Employee Award Template

  • First, download the Employee Award Template. It’s available for free on this page.
  • Second, it’s simple to make changes to the award template PowerPoint, a widely-used software familiar to most businesses, is easy-to-use and the learning curve is small.
  • Third, enter the employee’s name and complete the section indicating what the award is for. Be sure to get the appropriate supervisor or manager to sign the award to give it an extra-special touch. Save the file.

Tips for Using the Employee Award Template

Communicate more with your employees. Listen to what they have to say and you might be surprised at how helpful their insight is from the other side of the desk. Taking the time to communicate with your employees will alert you to opportunities to acknowledge outstanding performance utilizing the award template PowerPoint, and a computer.

  • Keep track of the names of the recipients and the area of recognition.
  • Consider mailing the award to the recipient’s home with a note and gift card.

Improve the atmosphere in the workplace. The Employee Award Template is an invaluable way to create inexpensive, high-quality awards suitable for framing. No one needs to know you saved money by using the award template PowerPoint and your computer instead of paying an expensive designer.

Download: Employee Award Template