Employee Attendance Tracker


Free Employee Attendance Tracker

Your goal as a manager is to keep track of your employees’ time and attendance. You cannot be there every time they have to clock in or out, however. The Employee attendance tracker keeps tabs on them for you, enabling you to review their clock in and out times at a later date.

This free customized employee attendance tracker allows you to adjust the parameters to fit the model for your business. The Microsoft Excel Template allows you to quickly and easily compare actual attendance to custom schedules and generate easy to understand reports.

How to Use the Employee Attendance Tracker

Your first step it to download the template for the Employee Attendance Tracker and save it to the directory where you will be accessing it.

When you are ready to begin editing and customizing simply open the file and begin filling in the custom fields. You will want to customize:

  • Names of your employees
  • Schedules they work
  • Vacations or personal times they have had approved

All of these items can be color-coded in a scheme that makes sense to you. All absences, approved and unapproved, can be similarly color-coded. Any changes you make will automatically update all related fields.

Employee Attendance Tracker Tips and Tricks

This template works equally well for large and small companies alike. Different templates can be used in different departments and combined to form comprehensive reports.

Remember to save all information to a dependable back-up. You may find that you need this information when it is time to discuss discrepancies with an employee and may need to be available for legal review in the event of a termination.

Take care to make the color coding intelligible and have a key as part of the document to explain the colors. Green for being present and red for being absent may make sense to most, but they could be confused about yellow and purple fields.

This Employee Attendance Tracker template is highly recommended for all businesses with hourly employees or billable hours. It provides a indispensable record for both employees and management alike.

Download: Employee Attendance Tracker