Email Wedding Invitation Template


Screenshot of the Email Wedding Invitation Template

If you have an upcoming wedding, you can save a lot of time by using an Email Wedding Invitation Template. Many of the individuals that you intend to invite can be contacted via email, which can save you postage and the cost of the physical invitation. It will also save you time by letting you create a unique template that you can change for each individual guest.

How to Use the Email Wedding Invitation Template

This simple to use template is easily customizable and available for free on this page. The first step is to choose the greeting you want to use. The generic invitation has a greeting but you can change it to better suit you and your event. Insert the name of the person that the event is being held for below your greeting.

The next step is to jump down to the day, date and time section and fill it in. After that, put the venue where you are holding the event. The RSVP can be added at the bottom including your name and your contact number. You now have a wedding invitation ready to email to all those you choose to invite.

Tips for Using the Email Wedding Invitation Template

There are a couple extra things you can do to customize your email wedding invitation template. If you want to include the name of the person that you are inviting on the invitation, add this and save the template to a new file. Do so for each person’s name and you will have a card customized to the guest.

If you do not like the picture that the template has selected for you, then you can change it to better suit your taste. You will need an image close to the size of the one already included. You many also need to move the text boxes to make the invitation more readable.

You should now be ready to add this attachment to an email and send out your wedding invitations. All your guests will get the needed information instantly without spending a penny. Try this email wedding invitation template out for yourself and see what you think. You will not be let down.

Download: Email Wedding Invitation Template