Donation Pledge Form


Working for a non-profit organization, volunteering time with a club, or participating with a charitable organization or school means you probably do a fair share of fundraising. It can be a nightmare to account for donation amounts and stay organized, but using a Donation Pledge Form makes tracking donors and their donations much easier.

How to Use the Donation Pledge Form

The Donation Pledge Form is designed for use with Word 2013. Download the template for free, get to work and get organized.

  • Download the template directly to your computer, open it and get to work. The template has several fields with guide words so you know what information to include.
  • Click and type in your organization’s name and mission statement at the top of the form.
  • Click and type the Name and address at the bottom of the form to indicate to whom payments should be made.
  • The form is completely customizable. You may add relevant information and delete lines and sections which do not apply.
  • The template is easy to use and completely free. Get started now and you will feel instantly more organized.

Tips for Using the Donation Pledge Form

Having a standardized Donation Pledge Form makes tracking your fundraising goal easy. The form contains the essential information and is easy for your donors to use and for you to read.

  • If you will be typing donor information into the form, start by creating a master document from the template by entering your organization’s information and saving the document. Now you can create a new form for every donor without re-entering the Organization name, mission, and contact information.
  • Use the “Mission” field to state your goal for fundraising. How much money are you trying to raise and what will it be used for? Mission statements that are meaningful will tell donors exactly why their money is needed.
  • Enclose the Donation Pledge Form with a more detailed letter or brochure explaining your organization’s mission and activities. Alternatively, you can keep a stack of forms on a table at information fairs or special events.
  • File forms as you receive them according to the type of donations received. Consider three-hole punching them and keeping completed forms in a three ring binder. Divide the binder into sections as indicated by the form: paid now, monthly, quarterly, and annual pledges.

Download: Donation Pledge Form