DNA Template


Screenshot of the DNA Template

If you are a doctor or a medical research or even a student and would like to see a representative depiction of something that is in your field as you move through another deck of slides in your next presentation, consider the DNA template for PowerPoint presentations that is available right here for free. Downloadable from this page, the template shows a 3-D DNA strand background that will offset your medical, biological, chemical or pharmaceutical presentation well. The template is completely customizable with changing the color the most popular option. So download it today and try it out on your next presentation.

How to Use the DNA Template PowerPoint Presentation

  • Open the DNA template and view the background. If there are color changes that you would like to make, then change the background and picture color.
  • Add the text that you would like to see on the slide. Format it however you like. Your options include changing the font color, changing the font type, and changing the font itself.
  • If you would like to add another graphic in the text area, you can do so by inserting a picture and re-sizing it so that it fits into the design space that you wanted it to.

Tips for Using the DNA Template PowerPoint Presentation

  • You can use the DNA template for your favorite Genealogy project if you are presenting results to friends or colleagues. One of the most impressive uses is to insert a spreadsheet from Excel and compile your MTDNA or your Y-DNA, putting all of your test results out there for people to peruse.
  • Another thing that you can do with the template is use it to sell medical technology. DNA is something that helps people start thinking about medicine and science anyway, so it would be appropriate for the presentation.
  • If you are a medical student, you can use the template to present the latest results of your research to your peers and your instructors in a consistent fashion.

Download: DNA Template