Direct Deposit Form Template


Payroll is probably one of the most complex processes that a company is involved in because of the paperwork that is required, but it must run smoothly to keep the company employees happy and productive. A great perk that a company can offer to their employees is direct deposit. Direct deposit can eliminate the need for paper checks, and allow for most employees to gain access to their full paycheck right away depending on their bank’s protocols. Getting employees signed up for direct deposit may seem like a hassle, but with this customizable Direct Deposit Form Template it can be easy. The form template provides the company with all the information needed to set-up direct deposit in one convenient place.

Using the Direct Deposit Form Template is Easy

The Direct Deposit Form Template is free to use and is easy to customize. It can be customized with your company logo and your company name.

  • The first step is to download the file from this page for free, and save the template to your computer.
  • After the template has been downloaded to your Word file, it can be customized with your company’s information. The sections that should be customized are noted, and any changes need to be saved to your computer.
  • Once it is customized to your satisfaction, print it out and pass it out to employees. The form itself is self-explanatory that employees need to fill out their banking information and sign the form to initiate a direct deposit for their paycheck.

Tips for Using the Direct Deposit Form Template

  • Always be sure to hit save after making any adjustments to the template to not lose any changes made to the template.
  • If the logo placement or other changes made to the template do not look quite right the first time it is placed, go back to the initial downloaded template to try again. It is sometimes easier to get the placement just right starting from scratch.
  • Not only can the template areas that note customization be customized, but other areas can be changed to better fit your needs if necessary. For instance, if your legal representation requires an additional paragraph or you want to customize a greeting to your employees the wording can be changed or added to as needed.

The Direct Deposit Form Template is yours free of charge to use for your company’s paperwork needs.

Download: Direct Deposit Form Template