Dinner Party Invitations


Free Dinner Party Invitations

When it comes to social events, a personalized invitation always adds a tasteful touch. Dinner party invitations with your name on them tells you that you are important to the host, and it can go without saying that one who receives a personal invitation is far more likely to attend than someone invited in a mass social network publicized event. If you want a good turnout for your next dinner party, consider sending out a round of fancy invitations.

Nothing says classy like a personalized dinner party invitation. Do you have a fancy social event coming up and need a better way to alert your circle of friends than with a Facebook event? Look no further, these elegantly designed, four-page dinner party invitations are all set and ready to go. All they need are a time and place and your friend’s names.

How to Use the Dinner Party Invitations Template

These dinner party invitations consist of four pages, fully designed with a golden tawny backdrop and fancy pictures of dinnerware and gourmet dishes in the foreground. Simply add the text where necessary to inform your impending guests of where and when your dinner party will happen.

If you want to alter the look of the text, go ahead. Simply select your preferred text font and style from the drop down menu when you right click on the highlighted words. The downloadable dinner party invitations template is compatible with Windows Publisher programs as old as 2003. After opening the template, you can feel free to make any changes to the dinner party invitation design as you like.

The dinner party invitation template is completely free of charge. Simply download it for your system, open it in publisher, add the information you want on each card, print and send them on their way. Instead of paying a visit to a local store, you can custom design or print off the already themed invitations in the comfort of your own home only with a few clicks of your mouse. Download the dinner party invitation template today.

Download: Dinner Party Invitations