Daily Timesheet Template


As a working professional, you may have several appointments and various tasks in a single day. The Daily timesheet template allows you to keep a record of all of your appointments and completed assignments. The template will also help you to keep track of how long you spent with each particular client. By simply entering in the start and end time into the Excel document, everything gets calculated for you. Having a ready-made daily timesheet template encourages accurate documentation and limits interference with productivity.

How to Use the Daily Timesheet Template Excel Document

The Daily timesheet template is free to use on this page. Download the template from right here on the site. It is completely customizable and easy to use. The template saves time because it subtracts the difference between your start and end time for you. All you have to do is put in your information, save, and print.

As a guide, here are some steps to follow:

  • Fill in the company name at the top of the document along with the address and phone number, if desired. You may also want to add the company’s logo or mission statement.
  • Enter in your personal information on the lines below the company’s name and logo. For example, type in your name and department in the designated spaces. (There is always the option of customizing the information provided in that section.)
  • Type in the name of the client and the professional service rendered in the sections provided.
  • In the appointment section, input the scheduled time of the appointment, the time you actually started and the time the service ended. The daily timesheet template excel document has been formatted to calculate exact time spent on each task.
  • Look for the section at the bottom left side to review the lists of appointments and times.
  • Spaces for the supervisor, employee, and payroll signatures are provided at the bottom right side of the document.

Tips for Using the Daily Timesheet Template Excel Document

  • Make sure to change the date for each new daily timesheet template.
  • Save the document as you make customized changes.
  • Document each appointment in the order that it occurs.
  • For spontaneous appointments, you can simply put N/A in the schedule section or leave it blank.

Download: Daily Timesheet Template