Daily Lesson Planner


Keeping yourself organized can be hard when you are a teacher with so many children going in so many directions. This daily lesson planner template will help you make sure you cover the information that needs covered and you get accomplished what you had wanted to that day. Download it here and follow this little how to guide so you know how to use it.

How to Use the Daily Lesson Planner Template

When opening this file that you download it should execute in any software you have installed with the Microsoft Word 2013 file type. You should see the basic outline for our lesson plan with information that we need to adjust to make it our own. Put the subject, teacher’s name, grade, and date in the four spaces provided near the top. The information under overview can be deleted and filled in with whatever information you want to put. This should be a basic overview of what you plan on covering.

Near the bottom there are 3 spaces that you can put requirements you have for this class and resources that may be relevant to the material. You should delete the comment below notes to make more room for space to write during class. Finally, you can fill in the body of the document with an outline of what you want to cover. Once you have that completed, you can print it out and use it for class.

Tips for Using the Daily Lesson Planner Template

As your class begins, you can start to check off things your daily lesson planner as you go with a pen. This will help you keep track of where you are and keep class moving along. The notes area is for anything that comes up in class you may want to look in to later. You could print one of these out for each student with the left side of the document empty. They could then write notes along with the teacher as they explain what is on the left side.

It is proven that students have better comprehension when they write something down. After the day is done, you can file the lesson plan away for use next year. You can also have another one ready to use the next day for class as well. This should help both the students and the teachers follow along in class and to have something to study later.

Download this easy to use daily lesson planner template and utilize it in your class today. Use it everyday to always have a record of what you have done.

Download: Daily Lesson Planner