Daily Cash Sheet Template


Keeping track of daily cash, or petty cash, is an important endeavor for a variety of businesses. Without an accurate track of what is on hand and what has been spent, it’s entirely possible to empty the business’s wallet for the day without realizing it. While expenses happen, it’s important for a business to have a way to track them so that said expenses don’t sneak up on workers. The easiest way to do that is to employ the use of a daily cash sheet template.

What is a Daily Cash Sheet Template?

A daily cash sheet template is nothing more complex than a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that has been programmed to automatically crunch the numbers when cash is taken out or put back into the daily cash pool. All the employee has to do is fill in the blank with the amount added or subtracted, and the daily cash sheet template does the rest. There’s no worrying about math errors or other mistakes, as long as the employee in question puts the correct amount removed or added to the daily cash pool in the blank.

How Does It Work?

The way the daily cash sheet template works is actually fairly simple. First, an individual goes to the website, and downloads the template. Once it’s been downloaded, the template should be opened, and the user should click Save As. The template should then be saved as the appropriate day, and the blanks should be filled out with the amounts of starting cash. Once that’s been done all someone has to do is make changes to the sheet every time an amount is added or subtracted from the daily cash pool, and the sheet will do the rest by keeping track of the changes and showing the transaction amounts.

The Advantages of The Daily Cash Sheet Template

In addition to the cost of nothing, this template comes with a number of other advantages that business owners tend to find useful. For one thing, it’s easy to use. This is in addition to using Microsoft Excel, a program that nearly every computer comes with. So, the template is simple, it requires no extra software to purchase, it’s free to download and it can be put on as many different machines as one wishes. If the sheet ever glitches or becomes unusable, all someone has to do is just download a fresh copy.

Download: Daily Cash Sheet Template